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Say goodbye to cash and hello to convenience with our cutting-edge cashless payment solution. Revolutionize your transactions with seamless, secure, and lightning-fast payments with just a tap.

Beyond ticketing, track user journeys & leverage spending patterns in real-time to encourage organic growth. Join us today and embrace the future of payments!

We enable smart events of the future

Using cutting-edge RFID technology, we enable event producers & promotors by giving them access to world-class tech.


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Our products

Via one simple platform, we enable a range of payments & operational tools that integrate with your existing ticketing platforms & accounting tools for a seamless experience. 

Cashless RFID

RFID cards & wristbands loaded with prepaid credit for making payments. Online & onsite top-ups before, during & after your event.

Access controls

Use RFID wristbands & cards to control site access for staff, vendors, guests & VIPs.

Ticketing integration

Integrate your ticketing directly with our product to enabled RFID check-in on-site, either at the gates or via mailouts.

Brand campaigns

Integrate brands and their campaigns to increase sponsorship value & ROI.

Why work with us?

Increase revenue

Research has proven that cashless environments can increase revenue by as much as 40%

Increase speed

Serve more customers with super fast service times - up to 80% faster!

Increase efficiency

Operational tools that mean no more long briefings for staff, and simplified services.

Reduce slippage

Eliminate cash management issues such as tstaff theft, miscounts, mis-charges or loss.

Eradicate ticket fraud

Verify ticket validity and accountability with RFID integration.​

Real time reports

Know exactly what’s going on in real-time with live visibility of transactions & interactions.

Streamline operations

Everything you need in one place. Integrate external solutions if required.

Increase sponsorships

With traceable ROI and digital media/social media integration for brands to access your customers.


Don’t worry about down-times or connectivity issues with offline systems!

What is RFID cashlessand why should I use it?

RFID cashless uses tags and readers to manage & maintain information.
With this, we deliver easy-to-use cashless ecosystems.


Online & offline solutions available


Use fixed readers or mobile ones (works on all Android devices!)

Supercharge your users

By integrating our platform into your existing solution, you can offer new value for your clients, encouraging the sale of products, promotions & experiences, easily redeemed on site through the customers RFID credential.

Provide a service for online/onsite top ups and refunds. Before, during and after the event.

✓ Sell credits on your platform

✓ Automatic refunding on card

✓ Start engagement before the event starts

Drive sales of promotional products online, and accommodate 

RFID-enabled “Click & Collect” onsite…

 Enable sponsor campaigns; e.g. “Buy 5 beers, get 1 free”


 Drive & track demand for a specific products

 Increase touch points for sponsorship engagement

Drive customers to upgrade & expand their experience

 Quick & simple for users to access experiences & upgrades

 Increase visibility of experiences & packages.

 RFID-enabled access control integration.

• Income and revenue reporting in real-time.

• Transaction reports by locationtimevendorproduct and 

payment method.

• Access control reports; zonal footfall counting and capacity 


• Monitor staff efficiency, real-time staffing demand and catering 


• Marketing/sponsor campaign engagementimpact and social 

media reports.

Who we work with...

Our product is flexible & versatile. It’s delivery using all kinds of infrastructures & site-types means it can be used in a variety of locations & venue types. 

Music & festivals

Temporary venues, mobile infrastructures


Stadiums, arenas, fixed infrastructures

Carnivals & fairs

Temporary event venues, mobile infrastructures

Nightclubs & bars

Permanent venues, event series

Conferences & Expos

Fixed venues, temporary events

Just about everywhere!

Mobile, Fixed, Temporary, Permanant

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